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The industrial Pact of the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona ( hereafter Industrial Pact) is a territorial association governed by Basic Law 7/1997, of 18 June of associations , and Law 1/2002, of 22 March, concerning association's Rights.


The aim of the pact is to set up a strategic alliance to promote competitiveness, social cohesion and sustainabilty in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona.




The current document (LEGAL INFORMATION O INDUSTRIAL PACT) has the aim of regulate the current utilisation of Industrial Pact website in the following URL


The utilisation of the web implies for the user the full acceptance of each and every condition stated by this legal notice.




User commites him/herself to use this web and its full contents according to the Law and the Legal Notice. Also, user committes him/herself to not use the website or the services related to this website for illegal or illegitimal purposes oppsite to the contents of this legal notice, that may be harmful for the interests or rights of Industrial Pact, or third parties, or in any case, that may damage the website or its services, or to harm a satisfactory use of the web for other users


Also, user committes him/herself to not destroy, alter, affect, the database, program, or electronic documents, hosted in the web.


User committes him/herself to not hamper access to other users to the website service by the means of an massive abuse of computer ressources, in which Industrial Pact delivers the service and also to not undertake actions that may harm the normal working of tools and electronic devices.


User committes himeself/herself to not misuse information, messages, texts, documents, photographs, drawings, diagrammes, databases, software programmes and also logos, trademarks, trade names or other graphics belonging to the Industrial Pact or third parties who have authorised to use their contents str ict ly to the association.


User committes him/herself to not misuse informations, messages, drawings, maps, sound files, images, photos, recordings, and any other matrerial accessible from the website, and services offered.




This website and all its contents, including the whole texts, messages, texts, documents, photographs, drawings, diagrams, databases, software programmes and also logos, trademarks, names or other graphics belong to the Industrial Pact or third parties who have authorised its use for Industrial Pact. The whole material is under intellectual property legislation.


Industrial Pact deserves the right to take actions to repair harms and injurys caused by any act that may damage property rights on those contents. It is str ict ly forbidden to distribute, modify, or transmit the content, and the code of pages, excepting if having the authorisation of Industrial Pact. to do so. All rights are reserved.


Access to this website is subject to the following conditions:


Industrial Pact is not responsible of the information obtainable through external links.


Industrial Pact do not guarantee that the website and the server are virus-free and accepts no liability for damage caused by access or impossibility to access the website.


In any case "cookies" or other similar ressources will be used to store information that may enable identification of the person user of the website.


Is not allowed, excepting having the authorisation of Industrial Pact to do so, to establish links from websites differents from the main page , reachable by URL: , or one that substitute this one in the near future. It is no possible to present webpages from industrial Pact under marks, signs, and distinctive features, labels, brands, o differents designation, from another person ,firm, or institution.





Responsability of Industrial Pact for the use of the website

User is the only responsible of damages that may have been caused for a misuse of the websiite and Industrial Pact is exonered for any responsabiliyy that can be derived from actions of users.


User is the only responsible for any legal action, judicial or extrajudicial, that, launched for third parties against Industrial Pact based on utilisation of the website by the user. If that happens, user will assume any cost derived by this claim based on legal actions that may be derived as a result of legal actions


Responsability of Industrial Pact for the functioning on the web

Industrial Pact deny any responsabiliy derived by interference, omission, interruption, virus, telephonical incidences or disconnections, in the operative functionning of electronic system, caused by circumstances not related to Industrial Pact.


Also, Industrial Pact, exonerates from any responsability derived from delays, or blockages in the functioning of Internet or telephonic connections and devises, and also for damages caused by third people derived from non legitimous practices out of control from Industrial Pact.


Responsability of Industrial Pact for links

Industrial Pact deny any responsability on information outside the wesite, as information contained on links has the aim to inform to the user on the existence on other data and informatiion on specifical and related topics.


Industrial Pact exonerates on any responsability derived from the functioning on links, from the results obtained with those links and also on the truthfulness and legitimacy on the contents and or information derived from those links and also from the predjudices that may haver been caused for the information on those links.




Industrial Pact will act in compliance with the provision of Article 5 of Basic Law 15/1999 of 13 December concerning the protection of personal data. According to it, any personal data provided on this website will be stored in files controlled by Industrial Pact and will be used to render services and information.


Any person with data published on the webiste on Industrial Pact is entitled to exerce the right on opposition, access, rectification, cancellation of data. In case of doubt he/she can address to Industrial Pact by e-mail,(, fax (932 600 224), or mail box (Can Masover. Parc Can Buxeres. Av. Josep Tarradellas s/n. 08906 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat).




Possible conflicts related to this website will be lawyed by catalan and spanish courts being the Court of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat the only one with competencies. Any person, despite any territorial jurisd ict ion, in which the access is made accepts the fulfillment and respect of this chart renouncing to any other court that may eventually correspond.

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